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Richard Dutcher's FALLING Movie Premiere

Broadway Center Cinemas, 111 East Broadway, SLC, UT 84111

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Event Description

"Explosive! One of the best pictures of its kind in recent memory." - Los Angeles Times

Richard Dutcher's critically acclaimed film FALLING premieres Friday, April 27, 2012, at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. This premiere launches the film's2012 art house theatrical release.

Mr. Dutcher will be present, along with stars Virginia Reece and Maria Eberline, and will answer questions and speak about the film in a rare Q&A following the screening.

Tickets are $10.00 and are available at the Broadway Centre box office and online beginning Saturday, April 14. All attendees are invited to an after party with the stars, the filmmaker, and the 23 producers of Utah's independent production powerhouse PROJECT 23 immediately following the screening (location TBA).

Come walk the red carpet and be photographed with some of Utah's best independent producers, directors, and actors. You can dress as you want (the event is black tie optional, but - hey - why not?)


Shot in a stunningly visceral cinematic style reminiscent of Tarantino and early Scorcese, FALLING tells the heart-pounding story of Eric Boyle (Richard Dutcher "Brigham City," "Evil Angel") a Hollywood videographer who stumbles across a brutal gang killing and sells the footage to the seamy Los Angeles news machine. Meanwhile his ambitious actress wife, Davey (Virginia Reece "50 First Dates") makes compromises of her own in her single minded pursuit of Hollywood fame. Eric's life quickly descends into chaos and violence when the killers, bent on revenge, mercilessly hunt down anyone with a connection to the incriminating footage.

"Dutcher leads a strong cast. Ingenious." - Variety

"Pulverizing and unrelenting...a primal scream from an immensely talented artist." - Los Angeles City Beat "Wrenching...authentic and rewarding." - Sean Means, Salt Lake Tribune.

"FALLING is one of the five most powerful films I have ever seen." - Dave Wolverton, New York Times bestselling author.

The film is Rated R (Strong, brutal violence, bloody images, and language).

Map of Event Location
April 27th, 2012  7:00 pmApril 28th, 2012  7:00 pm